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This is an introduction to some of the core concepts of SPH fluids and the first part of a series on making a fluid FLIP/PIC simulation in Go. DIY fluids lets go.

For some reason since I can remember I’ve been interested in this area of research. If had to pick a reason it might be a sort of an aesthetic appeal. But mostly I think I associate fluids with a sort of visual tactile play, like its just interesting and I’m a damn child. So, I spent many hours, looking at the Navier-Stokes equations and trying to unlock its…

Why go anywhere?

If you’re a meticulous architect, you picked out the park you will stroll, the cable cars you’ll ride to summit the mouth of a great inlet, the museums, and drinks. Painfully reviewed each item. Calculating your expectations, in a cycle to maximize the expected utility versus the expenditure of course. It has to be worth it in the end right? In another words. You will follow your most basic instincts. The art of travel is raw in that sense. Meaningful. But a parallel saga. Outside of your life. With friends it’s of course easy. You’re shielded from…

Brian M. Anderson

Former Child.

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